On behalf of Haier Pakistan integrated brand campaign and its creative partner agency Blitz Advertising, PlanOne Media executed an activity to raise the awareness among masses for water consumption issues. It was purely a public awareness campaign for a good cause. We needed to become a vital part of Haier Pakistan integrated brand campaign awareness and developing a source for the community by the relevant authorities.


  • This is alarming, only 1% of the earth’s water is available for drinking
  • Save 19 liters of water by closing the tap while brushing your teeth
  • By fixing your leaks contribute in saving 2000 liters of water a month
  • Save 400 liters of water if you turn off your tap while shaving
  • Save 4000 liters of water by taking 5 minutes showers instead of long showers
  • Can save up to 400 liters if you don’t wash your driveway daily

The Big Idea

Haier Pakistan integrated brand campaign was aimed at driving the water consumer buzz through a disruptive Hashtag #SaveWaterSavePakistan and engage the audience in participating and acknowledging the message.



Haier Pakistan integrated brand campaign #SaveWaterSavePakistan hashtag was ignited on social media, primarily on Facebook; by the social media brand specialist teams. It was supported by 10 promoters on the ground who were smartly creating roadblocks on the streets of Lahore. This making of the #SaveWaterSavePakistan hashtag rock block was executed by stopping commuters at key intersections in the Lahore city with signs that carry the Haier Pakistan integrated brand cause campaign messages about water saving.

This campaign received positive feedbacks, both, from traffic police for the creative roadblock (literally) and helping them control the traffic in those peak hours and also from the public who actively participated in taking selfies with our smart on-ground social media promoters.

PlanOne Media team provided instant content support to the brand and social media management/account management teams in order to accelerate the content delivery.

Results of Haier Pakistan Integrated Brand Campaign

Hundreds of users contributed on the social media by sharing their photos taken on the street of the activity and with the Social Media Promotion team. The brand received positive mentions across media and the overall buzz was substantial.